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Extravagances of a BCL leader

Muktadir Rashid |

If anybody ever visits Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall at Jahangirnagar University in any afternoon, he or she must be taken aback seeing a German shepherd barking on the first floor of the dormitory. 

For residents and lower-tier staff of the dormitory now it’s a common phenomenon. The German shepherd is called ‘sergeant’. 

‘I get the name [sergeant] from the internet,’ said Shamim Osman Gani Mollah, a 39th batch student of history and organising secretary of the university unit Bangladesh Chhatra League.

He told New Age that he had been rearing the dog for over six months after one of his younger brothers presented him with the pricy breed of dog. 

He said shepherd was collected from Mirpur in the capital.  Shamim built a pen for the dog, which he called ‘kutta’ in Bangla, on the first floor lobby and claimed that he did not have to spend much money for it as he fed it whatever was available. 

But, a witness said Shamim kept a chicken ready for it almost every day and regularly let the dog free in the afternoon for roaming around.  As Shamim holds a post in the university unit BCL, none raised the issue with the authorities. 

But, last week, provost Farid Ahmed, also a professor of philosophy, was a little surprised when he saw the German shepherd barking the on first floor of the dormitory.

Farid told New Age on Friday that he noticed the dog last week when he was visiting the dormitory. 

‘I asked him to remove the dog out of the dormitory. So far as I know, the matter has not been addressed yet… high-ups of the university administration have also discussed it,’ he said.
‘We will take measures by Sunday,’ said the provost who came to know about the dog six months after it started living at the dormitory without his permission. 

M Ahmed Mamun, a veterinary physician at the AR Friday Veterinary Clinic, said pet animals needed routine vaccination and care otherwise there was possibility of infection. Shamim has got admission as a ward as his father is an employee in the history department. The university officials said students under ward quota were not allowed to stay in any dormitory but residents at Bangabandhu Hall said Shamim lived in a room alone when it was meant for four students. 

Pet animal traders and veterinary physicians said a locally bred German shepherd usually cost Tk 30,000 to 40,000 depending on its quality, and one would need around Tk 6,000 per month for its rearing. The university unit BCL president Jewel Rana told New Age that he had heard about the dog but had not seen it as yet.

He declined to comment when asked how a student or leader in his unit could afford such extravagance. The campus sources said Shamim also used a car which he often kept in front of the dormitory.

Source: New age

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