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World Teachers' Day 2018

Ishaque Hossain |

Like many other days celebrated for various professional bodies world teacher’s day is the glorious day of celebration of teacher around the world. It is annually held on 5th October. UNESCO calls on everyone take up various programmes for mobilization support for teachers. Teachers are the builder of the nation. The goal of world teacher’s day is to promote teaching profession so that teachers can put vital contribution to education and development.

Educational International (EI) the global organization comprising the teaching professionals union and federation-leaders worldwide has been striving since 1994 to implement the principles of 1966 and 1997 recommendations. These recommendations ensure teachers rights and status of every nation. More than one hundred countries are observing world teacher’s day on 5th October. This time is 25th world teacher’s day and its new massage to people around the world is to ensure the right of teachers with all supports.

Education International is launching a comprehensive program with its 301 member organizations highlighting teacher’s role in nation building. This year UNESCO declares its theme on World Teacher’s Day as “ The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”. This is a time-oriented massage to nations of the world; it is a day to celebrate the role of teachers for quality education and also to commemorate the anniversary of the ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning the status of teachers.

Teacher’s status in society is a matter of great importance, because financial benefit and social status are the prime consideration of attracting the quality persons to this profession. It is a matter of concern that in some countries, teaching profession is losing its charms resulting in the fall of the standard quality education. Quality education cannot be ensuring unless quality teachers are working in our academic arena. 
Bangladesh as one of the signatory-state to the ILO/UNESCO recommendation has failed to implement the recommendations, concerning the status teachers. The growth professionalism has been satisfied by the management of school and college.

For the last two decades education has been so much politicized that quality person with brilliant academic result are not coming to the profession, because  of undue interference of the school and college management. As the management of the school and college are left to the local law makers (M.P). The law makers & persons loyal to him are put in the management of the institution offices constituency. In this cause academic qualification & social credentials are ignored, political affiliation is given priority. This factor is hampering our education because the teacher& head of the institution have to yield to illegal, unethical and lot of irregularities violating academic discipline. SMC/Governing body members, are the people of ruling party, these members are mostly uneducated even there are low makers who are unschooled on self educated having no idea about the rules and regulation of institutional management. They are also egoistic and powerful that nobody dares to question their whimsical decision, rather such type of members are selected on nominated by the chairman who are mostly flatters. Thus the quality education is going to be degenerate.  

As a teachers leader I would like to draw attention of all concerned to this, meaning situation. On this grand occasion World  teacher’s  Day,   2018,I appeal to our government to immediately free education from the culture of the nuisance people and let educational institution to managed by people of the good credentials and academics with good experience of educational administration and management. Job security of teachers needs a special attention as a good member of teachers have to lose jobs  with the change of the government because of politicization of education, teachers are supported to dedicated to their profession with a neutral attitude and high integrity of personal Quality. The World teacher’s Day 2018 attracts everyone’s attention to this burning issue of ensuring teachers status with that end in view it gives a clarion call “ The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”

Author: Principal , President Bangladesh College Teachers Association (BCTA)


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