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Exclusive book on Qawmi madrasa

Abdullah Juberee |

A new book titled ‘Qawmi Madrasa: An Unfinished Publication’ by Siddiqur Rahman Khan, addressed the dearth of well-researched and comprehensive resources on the education system and curriculum of Qawmi madrasas in Bangladesh.

Khan, an experienced journalist specialising in education and parliamentary affairs, meticulously curated the book. It features exclusive information, in-depth investigative reports, and rare, confidential documents, offering a unique perspective on the subject. This publication will serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking reliable information regarding Qawmi madrasas in Bangladesh.

The book delved into various aspects surrounding Qawmi madrasa, including unanswered questions and concerns.

The writer of the book tackled lingering questions raised in intelligence reports and discussed the unreleased WikiLeaks. He explored the rise of Qawmi madrasa in Bangladesh, sparking curiosity within the public, parliament and the education community.

The book featured investigations on critical issues like alleged suspicious funding sources, the potential for radicalisation and connections with fundamentalist groups. It examined these concerns across various aspects, including Qawmi madrasa headquarters, internal operations, and broader societal contexts.

The book examines events and policies affecting Qawmi madrasas under various administrations, including those led by Khaleda Zia, Iazuddin, Fakhruddin, and Sheikh Hasina.

The book offered neutral observations on several key issues, such as the recognition and accreditation of government-controlled Alia madrasas compared to Qawmi madrasas, the definite number of teachers and students in Qawmi madrasas, the mushrooming growth of Qawmi madrasas during the Covid-19 pandemic and US observations on Qawmi madrasas revealed in WikiLeaks.

It also featured the inclusion of Bangabandhu, Rabindranath Tagore, and the national anthem in the Qawmi curriculum and recommendations for establishing a Qawmi University by a government body.

The book included a special report prepared for the Prime Minister on Qawmi madrasas and a police headquarters report. It also sheds light on the World Bank's unusual praise for Qawmi institutions and potential foreign funding in certain Qawmi madrasas.

About the author

Siddiqur Rahman Khan started his career as a journalist and writer in 1991. He has been recognized as the ‘Best Education Reporter of the Year’ several times. He has contributed to renowned dailies--The New Age, The Independent, and The Bangladesh Today—in Bangladesh. Presently, he is Khan serving as the Editor-in-Chief of The Dainik Amader Barta, the only education-based newspaper in the country, and the Editor and Publisher of dainikshiksha.com, country’s leading digital news portal on education.

Book Availability

Published by Prakashna.com, the book is available at the Dainik Amader Barta office at Dhaka Trade Center, 99 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Level-5 and on the online bookshop, rokomari.com.

Copies are also available at Swadesh Shaili’s Stall (Stall No-507) at Amar Ekushey Granthamela.

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