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Take your kids back to school

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked guardians and teachers to take their children back to schools.

"I'll request all that this is enough now, stop it, take the children back to their homes and let them pay attention to studies," she said.

The PM was speaking while inaugurating optical fiber connectivity in 300 unions of 10 districts under “National Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Development (Info-Sarker Third Phase)” through a videoconference from her official residence the Gono Bhaban.

She claimed that the government was implementing all the demands of the protesting students one by one.

"What they've done is enough, we didn't resist them, now a third party is out there in the field, if anything happens who'll take the responsibility?" she questioned.

"Let them [students] give attention to their academic activities, let them build themselves as worthy citizens of the country so that they could lead the country and make it more beautiful," she said.

Hasina urged the people of the country not to pay heed to rumours.

"A vested quarter is trying to create instability in the country through propaganda. Please don't pay heed to any rumours and don't get confused by any propaganda.

"Whatever you see or hear, verify those first, please don't believe anything without verification, I'll specially request the school students and youths in this regard," she said.

The 10 districts where 300 unions were brought under fiber connectivity are Kurigram, Nilphamari, Bagura, Netrakona, Habiganj, Patuakhali, Gazipur, Narayanganj, Rajshahi and Chandpur.

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar and State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak also spoke at yesterday's programme.

Palak said some 10 crore people would come under high-speed broadband connectivity with the implementation of the project.

The PM also said the children had been on the streets for the last few days and doing what they wanted.

"They're checking vehicles and papers. I don't know what they actually know about the checking, but they're doing that. Police, BGB and Rab have showed their patience, we all are helping them, our ministers, MPs, judges are obeying what they are saying. We didn't resist them. We can realise their sentiment and pain," she said.

She said the “students” vandalised police buses, motorcycles and attacked Rab members. "What we're seeing now is dangerous...a third party has got involved in this agitation."

Hasina said suddenly the sale of school uniforms in the capital's Gausia and ID cards in Polashi area have gone up alarmingly. "Are all these students? Now, I'm anxious about the safety of the school students."

She said those who were involved in arson attacks, killed people by hurling bombs sneaked into the student movement."They can do anything."

The PM said the police started the Traffic Week yesterday and now there was no need for the school students to control traffic.

"What the students have done, that's good...now there's no need of them...if anyone of them wants to volunteer; I've directed the police to involve them."

Coming down heavily on a section of people who “always try to fish in troubled waters”, Hasina said they were trying to create a situation where they could gain something.

She said a group of youths suddenly attacked the Awami League office in Dhanmondi on Saturday. "Why did AL office come under attack? 17-18 activists were injured badly."

Taking a dig at some newspapers, Hasina alleged that they never wanted a healthy atmosphere in the country. "They always want to create something else that will hinder the healthier political process in the country, they get some importance in troubled situations …"

Hasina urged all to use the internet, social media, Facebook and YouTube for good purposes, not for the ugly ones. "Sometimes, we see bad language being used on social media and it shames us; these should not be used for wrong tasks.”

Technology should be used for constructive works and to create a peaceful atmosphere that will be beneficial for all, she said adding, "We want the children to attain proper education and build themselves for an improved life. They're supposed to build a beautiful country!"

About a recent road crash that claimed the lives of two college students in the capital, the PM said she was very much sorry and claimed that she acted immediately.

Hasina said the government had already taken a move to enact a traffic law.

"The cabinet in principle approved its draft, it has been sent to the law ministry for vetting," she said urging all to abide by the traffic rules.

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